photo by Katrina Herzog. Rainbows See Me Everywhere, Art Installation, May 2016. Gia Valente Thank You For Being Here, Art Installation, August 2017. Gia Valente Not For Squares ;), Art Installation, July 2016. Gia Valente VVVVVVVVV, Art Installation, August 2017. Gia Valente in collaboration with Kem Sea It Only Takes 2 to Make a Network, Art Installation, June 2016. Gia Valente Gianni's Rose Friends, Art Installation, May 2017. Gia Valente

Gia Valente is a genderqueer multidisciplinary artist with an affinity for paper, color, and visually overwhelming spaces.

Affiliates - TUF and Lion's Main

Press - Seattle Weekly May 2016, Seattle Weekly June 2016, City Arts July 2017

Zines - Attachments and Pathos Playbook